We Are Family


a.k.a. Mom, Mommy, Mama!

Nerd Dating 101

Bruce and I met when Shawn was 4 years old. We discovered our mutual love of video games and spent many late nights wandering through the worlds of Myst instead of going out on dates.

There was a friendly (not so friendly) competition of learning to code C programming language...I won't say who won that one!


Nerds in Love!

Our wedding cake!

Nerd Facts About Shawna

A Vic20 was my first computer...

I bought my first computer when I was 14 (30 years ago!). My brother bought a motorbike. Which one is the nerd?

I read encyclopedias for fun when I was a kid...

before Google. And I wore out my French-English dictionary. It fell apart! I already told you, I'm a nerd...

I've trained people on all versions of Windows...

since Windows for Workgroups (except Windows 8 but who uses that? :P)


a.k.a. the Kid

A Kick Butt Hero Saving the World

I have grown up around computers. Some of my favorite childhood memories are watching my mom and dad play Myst or Diablo, or going to her friend Leah's house and playing Duke Nukem or Doom with her teenage son.

These were games that most parents would lose their minds if they found out their kids were playing them, but I loved them...Not for the swearing or gore but for the fun of playing a game and being able to pretend I was a kick butt hero saving the world. I think that's why mom was ok with it.

Mud Hero?

Saving the day 🙂

After moving to Olds I remember going to Olds College after school (mom worked in the IT department) and helping the techs take computers apart or put them back together and I loved it. I started taking IT at SAIT in Calgary but for various reasons did not complete it, but even without that, just growing up in a house run by a tech I learned and absorbed a lot of knowledge over the years.

As a result am pretty good with all but the most advanced stuff. If I don't know exactly how to do it I'm willing to try to figure it out or learn how (I still call the Momma Bear for help once in a while).

When I started working for Telus, I dived headlong into mobile tech and all the cool gadgets that are out there these days. Now I'm constantly looking at the tech going into new phones and browsing the web for the next cool gadget, and when I find it I'm always eager to see how it works.

Nerd Facts About Shawn

Doom was my 1st FPS...

I was three when I learned what a first person shooter (FPS) game was! Commander Keen was my first PC game of my own.

Android or iPhone...

I've had experience with pretty much every cell phone model that has been out for the past 7 years. (P.S. Android is the best!)

I can quote lines from every Star Wars movie...

My favorite: "I am a Jedi, like my father before me"